Venti is a fintech start-up based in Washington, D.C., and was created by travelers for travelers. We're on a mission to help everyone enjoy their passion for exploring the world and experiencing new cultures without placing your financial stability at risk. We're launching a new product called Boarding Pass to be the first savings platform to reward travelers for

To keep customer funds safe, we've partnered with Dwolla, a reputable digital banking services provider, to handle verification, deposits, and withdrawals. With Dwolla as a partner, your funds are stored across three U.S. banks that are members FDIC.

What's the meaning behind the name?

Most people are familiar with "venti" when they order their favorite frappe or latte at Starbucks. Venti means "twenty" in Italian, and we picked this name because we aspire to enable every person to visit at least 20 countries during their lifetime. We believe a good life is one well-traveled.