Block trolls and spam proactively

On-Device AI to Detect and Block Spam

Integrate our SDK directly into your application's codebase to proactively verify user-generated text and images in real-time. Keep illicit and indecent content away from your users before it cause any trouble. Review venti's recommendations on what to do with users that repeatedly try to violate your content policies.

Lightweight, Fast, and Accurate!

Venti's unique on-device approach means you're no longer slowed down or throttled by external API calls, which allows you to scale with peace of mind. venti's machine learning models are updated almost daily to always keep you one step ahead of spammers.

Supercharged Insights

  • Allow users and moderators to report content directly to venti and manage cases via an intuitive dashboard.
  • Adjust venti's detection and blocking capabilities to your needs.
  • See all of venti's recommendations for muting, suspension, and blocking.

Save hundreds per month. venti is FREE!
For applications with fewer than 50K requests per month. Non-English moderation is a premium service.

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