LIVE Stock Checker CPU & GPU Ryzen 5600x/5800x/5900x/5950x RTX 3060TI/3070/3080/3090 RX 6800/6900

Join The Discord for Stock Updates or just hang out: Follow the backup twitch stream: Stock Alerts and posted to discord and twitter at the same time: CPU Hammer and GPU Hammer are not open sourced and are for the stream only, It's made by me. This stream lets you know when any of the listed items come in stock, It will show it on screen and play a sound so you don't miss it. Get your gear: (PAID AFFILIATE LINKS) Ryzen 5600x Main Page: Ryzen 5800x Main Page: Ryzen 5900x Main Page: Ryzen 5950x Main Page: You can DONATE via SuperCHAT Or you can sprinkle some Crypto on me: BTC: ETH: We track the following hardware: Ryzen 5600x/5800x/5900x/5950x nVidia RTX 3060TI/3070/3080/3090 Radeon RX 6800/6800XT/6900xt This stream shows stock status for the US & Canada Here are amazon wishlists showing all the video cards and cpus currently being tracked. 3060TI: 3070: 3080: 3090: Radeon: CPU's: Make sure to subscribe so if I have to restart the stream you can continue monitoring the stock. I'll try to keep this stream going for as long as possible so no one has to buy from ebay. Right Now, I check Newegg, Amazon, bestbuy, adorama, and B&H.

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