San Diego Live Web Cam (All cameras on a switched feed)

This switched feed presents all of our live cameras with views of Downtown San Diego, San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean from cameras located at Bali Hai on Shelter Island, Tom Ham's Lighthouse on Harbor Island & Cabrillo National Monument on the southern tip of Point Loma. Audio is a mixed feed of VHF marine radio channels 12, 13, 16 & 22A. Occasionally NOAA as warranted. For NOAA audio, please switch to Cabrillo (W). This will be the feed to watch when a ship is coming or going or any other event we are following and you don't want to chase it over our YouTube channel. You can safely park it here and let us do the work for you. URGENT: As we are without sponsors, this channel WILL SHUT DOWN FOREVER in January 2021 unless we can gain enough supporters to cover our own costs. If you enjoy watching these live streams then please support the San Diego Web Cam. This channel is 100% viewer supported. Viewer support is crucial to keep these cameras operating - thank you. --How to support the San Diego Web Cam: Thank you for your stickers and super chats on our live streams!!! Facebook $1.99/month YouTube 99 cents/month Financial contributions (PayPal): --Business/Group sponsorship! $200/mo Business/Group sponsorship includes: ]Your YouTube channel will be listed on San Diego Web Cam YT channel home page, between "Live Streams" and "Our Playlists", a prominent position! ]Your Facebook page will be liked/tagged by San Diego Web Cam ]Liked/followed by @SanDiegoWebCam on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube ]Thank you post on all our social media channels ]Many tears from people watching their son/daughter/mother/father sail away and return home ]Other opportunities for promotion as opportunity presents! This program will evolve! --Watch the San Diego Web Cam 24/7 on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitch: --Follow @SanDiegoWebCam on Twitter/YouTube/Facebook THANK YOU San Diego WebCam San Diego Cam San Diego Live San Diego Live Cam #SanDiego #Live #camera #view #webcam

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