The Best Travel Rewards Debit Card

Free flights, hotels, and more. Earn travel every time you spend or make money. Up to 5x rewards on all purchases*

Receive a free domestic flight after opening your account**

Become a Founder

Earn Free Travel When You

Get Paid

Paycheck, Cash App, Stipend

Live a Little

Concert tickets, Uber, AirBnb

Spend Responsibly

Not spending more than you have

Founders Card

Includes silhouette of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Limited to VIPs.

Pay a Bill

Netflix, Rent, Utilities, etc.

Invite Friends

Earn for each referral

Save for the Future

With our 9% APY*** travel savings account

Earn Up to 5X Rewards

Shopping with your favorite brands.

Send us your recommendations

How Much Free Travel?

Use our calculator to determine how many free trips you'll earn each year****

Ready for the World

24/7 Protection

Flag any transaction and get credited instantly. We fight the bad guys so you can focus on enjoying life.

Travel Smart

No more blocked transactions when traveling internationally. Free currency conversion for small-dollar purchases.

Digitally Managed

Easily track every dollar spent or recevied from our convenient mobile app.

Peace of Mind

No monthly, annual, or "gotcha" fees. Federal deposit insurance up to $250,000.


It's in our DNA to be as transparent as possible

Our goal is to start distributing debit cards before the end of this year. For now, you can create a travel savings account.

The full 5X rewards will be limited to Founders who swipe their Gold-series debit card at select retailers, such as Target, SHEIN, and Ticketmaster. The full list of retailers and the corresponding rewards for each card type will be released in the coming months.

More Than a Card

It's a Community

Venti is your gateway to exclusive experiences, connections, and giveaways. Join our Founder List to get maximum rewards, our limited-edition card, and a free domestic flight when you open your account.

Travelers are earning 9% APY right now
With our high-yield savings account

Join our fast-growing community of over travel savers

Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.

* Rewarded in the form of travel points.

** Domestic flight must have its origin and destination in the contiguous U.S. Max $200 credit in the form of Points after qualifying activities.

*** Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is rewarded in the form of travel points.

**** Calculated values assume Venti is the primary technology for all customer deposits, withdrawals, and expenditures and is for illustrative purposes only.